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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of math calculators! You'll discover calculators here to help you tackle various mathematical problems.

Our objective is to provide you with user-friendly and highly efficient math instruments, enabling you to solve equations, perform calculations, and grasp difficult mathematical concepts easily.

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What Calculators Does eMathHelp Offer?

Add Matrices Calculator

Effortlessly sum up two matrices. Perfect for algebraic computations and linear transformations.

Add Vectors Calculator

This is a free, step-by-step math calculator to determine the sum of two vectors and is critical for physics and engineering tasks.

Adjoint (Adjugate) Matrix Calculator

Compute the adjoint or adjugate of a matrix. This is important for calculating the inverse of the matrix.

Angle Between Vectors Calculator

Determine the angle between two vectors. This is useful in geometry and vector analysis.

Area Between Curves Calculator

Easily calculate the area between two curves or under one curve.

Area of the Surface of Revolution Calculator

Determine the surface area when a curve is revolved around an axis.

Arithmetic Mean Calculator

Find the average of a set of numbers. This is a fundamental math calculator.

Arithmetic Sequence Calculator

Identify terms in an arithmetic progression. Helpful for series and sequence analysis.

Asymptotes Calculator

Determine the asymptotic behavior of functions.

Average Rate of Change Calculator

Understand how a function's value changes on average over an interval.

Basis Calculator

Find the basis of a vector space using this calculator.

Beta Distribution Calculator

This is particularly useful in statistics, especially for modeling random variables limited to intervals.

Binomial Distribution Calculator

Calculate the probability of obtaining exactly $$$k$$$ successes out of $$$n$$$ trials.

Binomial Expansion Calculator

Expand binomials raised to a positive integer power.

Boolean Algebra Calculator

Simplify logic expressions and circuits using this advanced math calculator.

Box and Whisker Plot Calculator

Graphically represent data spread and outliers.

Characteristic Polynomial Calculator

Compute the characteristic polynomial of a matrix.

Circle Properties Calculator

Calculate properties like diameter, circumference, and area of any circle.

Cofactor Matrix Calculator

This proves handy for matrix inversion tasks.

Column Space Calculator

Determine the column space of a matrix, a fundamental operation in linear algebra.

Combinations and Permutations Calculator

Handle counting problems in combinatorics.

Complete the Square Calculator

A go-to for solving quadratic equations.

Composite Function Calculator

Calculate the composition of two or three functions.

Conic Section Calculator

Study curves like ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas.

Cosecant Calculator

Calculate the reciprocal of the sine function.

Cosine Calculator

Compute the cosine of an angle.

Cotangent Calculator

The ratio of cosine and sine is made easy using this tool.

Cramer's Rule Calculator

Solve systems of linear equations using determinants.

Critical and Saddle Points, Extrema (Multivariable Function) Calculator

Dive into optimization problems in multivariable calculus.

Critical Points and Extrema (Single Variable Function) Calculator

Understand critical and turning points and optimize single-variable functions.

Cross Product Calculator

Get the cross product of two vectors in 3D space.

Cube Root Calculator

This is a simple math calculator to determine the cube root of a number.

Curl Calculator

Examine the rotation of a vector field.

Curvature Calculator

Understand how much a curve bends at any given point.

Curve Arc Length Calculator

Find the length of a curve between two points.

Decimal to Fraction Calculator

Convert decimals to fractions effortlessly using this math calculator.

Decimal to Percent Calculator

Easily convert decimals into percents.

Definite Integral Calculator

Evaluate both proper and improper integrals with our free step-by-step math calculator.

Degree and Leading Coefficient Calculator

Identify the degree and leading coefficient of polynomial expressions.

Derivative Calculator

Compute derivatives for functions, the backbone of calculus.

Descartes' Rule of Signs Calculator

Determine the number of positive and negative real zeros of a polynomial.

Diagonalize Matrix Calculator

Find a diagonal matrix that is similar to a given matrix.

Difference Quotient Calculator

Get a sense of the average rate of change over a specific interval.

Direct, Inverse, and Joint Variation Calculator

Understand direct, inverse, and joint variations between variables.

Directional Derivative Calculator

Discover the rate of change of a function in a specific direction.

Discriminant Calculator

Evaluate the discriminant of a quadratic equation to determine the nature of its roots.

Distance Between Two Points Calculator

Measure the straight-line distance between two points in a space.

Divergence Calculator

Calculate the divergence at a given point.

Divide Matrices Calculator

Easily divide matrices.

Divide Polynomials Calculator

Divide polynomials using long or synthetic division.

Domain and Range Calculator

Determine the set of possible input (domain) and output (range) values of a function.

Dot (Inner) Product Calculator

Calculate the dot product of two vectors.

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors Calculator

Calculate eigenvalues and the corresponding eigenvectors of a matrix.

Ellipse Properties Calculator

Explore the properties of ellipses using this tool.

End Behavior Calculator

Predict the behavior of polynomials as $$$x$$$ approaches positive or negative infinity.

Euler's Method Calculator

This is a basic numerical method for solving ordinary differential equations.

Evaluate Function or Expression Calculator

Plug in values to compute a specific function output.

Exponential Distribution Calculator

Determine the probabilities, mean, and variance of the exponential distribution.

Exponential Function Calculator

Evaluate exponentials with a given base.

Factor Expression Calculator

Factor expressions into a product of simpler ones.

Factor Polynomial Calculator

Decompose polynomials into factors.

Factorial Calculator

Find the product of all positive integers up to a given number.

Find Zeros Calculator

Locate where a function intersects the x-axis.

FOIL Calculator

Multiply two binomials using the first, outer, inner, and last method.

Fraction to Decimal Calculator

Convert fractions into their decimal form.

Fraction to Percent Calculator

Convert fractions into percents.

Function Average Value Calculator

Compute the average value of a function over a given interval.

Function Differential Calculator

Identify changes in function values.

Function Gradient Calculator

Determine the vector of partial derivatives for a multivariable function.

Function Intercepts Calculator

Identify where a function crosses both the x- and y-axes.

Function Properties Calculator

Determine essential features of functions, including domain, range, and critical points.

Gauss-Jordan Elimination Calculator

A math calculator that aids in solving systems of linear equations using the row reduction technique.

Geometric Distribution Calculator

Find the probability distribution of the number of Bernoulli trials needed.

Geometric Mean Calculator

Calculate the central tendency of a set of $$$n$$$ numbers by multiplying them together and then taking the nth root.

Geometric Sequence Calculator

Determine the nth term or the sum of a geometric progression.

Gram-Schmidt Process Calculator

Orthogonalize or orthonormalize a set of vectors using this calculator.

Graphing Calculator

Visualize functions, equations, and inequalities.

Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) Calculator

Find the largest integer that divides two or more numbers evenly.

Half-life Calculator

Compute the time required for a quantity to reduce to the half of its initial value.

Harmonic Mean Calculator

Calculate the reciprocal of the arithmetic mean of reciprocals in a data set.

Hyperbola Properties Calculator

Explore the parameters of hyperbolas.

Hyperbolic Functions Calculators

Calculate values and properties for hyperbolic sine, cosine, tangent, secant, cosecant, and cotangent.

Hypergeometric Distribution Calculator

Analyze the probability distribution of successes in draws without replacement.

Implicit Derivative Calculator

Find the derivative of equations where the dependent and independent variables are mixed.

Improper Fraction to Mixed Number Calculator

Convert improper fractions into mixed numbers using this free step-by-step math calculator.

Improved Euler's (Heun's) Method Calculator

A refined numerical method to solve first-order ordinary differential equations.

Indefinite Integral Calculator

Evaluate antiderivatives of functions, essential for calculus students.

Inflection Points and Concavity Calculator

Identify where the curve changes concavity.

Instantaneous Rate of Change Calculator

Determine the rate at which a function is changing at a specific point.

Interquartile Range Calculator

Measure the statistical spread between the first and third quartiles in data.

Inverse Cosecant Calculator

This math calculator returns the angle whose cosecant is the specified value.

Inverse Cosine Calculator

Calculate the inverse cosine of a number, finding the angle whose cosine value matches the input.

Inverse Cotangent Calculator

Identify the angle whose cotangent corresponds to the input value.

Inverse Function Calculator

Swap the roles of the independent and dependent variables, finding the inverse of a given function.

Inverse Hyperbolic Cosecant Calculator

A math for determining the inverse hyperbolic cosecant of a number.

Inverse Hyperbolic Cosine Calculator

Compute the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a given value with this calculator.

Inverse Hyperbolic Cotangent Calculator

Evaluate the inverse hyperbolic cotangent of a specific number.

Inverse Hyperbolic Secant Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the inverse hyperbolic secant of an input value.

Inverse Hyperbolic Sine Calculator

This free step-by-step math calculator determines the inverse hyperbolic sine of a particular number.

Inverse Hyperbolic Tangent Calculator

Compute the inverse hyperbolic tangent of a specified input.

Inverse Laplace Transform Calculator

Convert a function from the s-domain to the time domain, essential for differential equations and control systems.

Inverse Secant Calculator

Calculate the inverse secant of a number, finding the angle whose secant matches the input.

Inverse Sine Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the angle whose sine value equals to the input.

Inverse Tangent Calculator

Determine the inverse tangent of a number.

Jacobian Calculator

Find the Jacobian matrix and its determinant, pivotal in multivariable calculus, especially during a change of variables in integrals.

Lagrange Multipliers Calculator

Find the solution of a constrained optimization problem using this advanced math calculator.

Laplace Transform Calculator

Transform complex functions into simpler ones that are more easily analyzed.

Law of Cosines Calculator

Solve triangles using the relationship between side lengths and the cosine of one of its angles.

Law of Sines Calculator

Accurately determine unknown parameters in triangles using the ratio of side length to the sine of an opposite angle.

Least Common Multiple (LCM) Calculator

Discover the smallest number divisible by two or more given numbers.

Left Endpoint Approximation for a Function Calculator

Estimate integrals by using rectangles with left endpoints.

Left Endpoint Approximation for a Table Calculator

Utilize table data to approximate integrals using left endpoints.

Limit Calculator

Find the value of a function as its input approaches a certain value.

Line Equation Calculator

Determine the equation of a line in various forms.

Line Slope Calculator

Compute the steepness or incline of a line using two distinct points.

Linear Approximation Calculator

Approximate a function with the line at a certain point.

Linear Independence Calculator

Identify if a set of vectors is linearly independent or dependent.

Linear Regression Calculator

Derive the line best fit for a dataset, an essential calculator in statistics.

Logarithm Calculator

Compute logarithms to any base.

Logarithmic Differentiation Calculator

Differentiate functions using a special technique with ease.

Long Division of Numbers Calculator

Divide large numbers with this free step-by-step math calculator.

Lower Quartile Calculator

Identify the median of the lower half of a dataset.

LU Decomposition Calculator

Decompose a matrix into a product of a lower and upper triangular matrix.

Margin of Error Calculator

Find the margin of error with this calculator.

Matrix Determinant Calculator

Calculate the scalar value for a matrix.

Matrix Exponential

This math calculator quickly computes the exponential of a given matrix.

Matrix Inverse

Using our free step-by-step math calculator, you can determine the inverse of a matrix, which is essential for solving systems of linear equations.

Matrix of Minors

This calculator constructs the matrix of minors for a given matrix.

Matrix Power

Raise a matrix to a power using this math calculator.

Matrix Rank

Determine the rank of a matrix with this math calculator.

Matrix Scalar Multiplication

Easily multiply any matrix by a scalar.

Matrix Trace

With our calculator, find the trace of a matrix by summing its diagonal elements.

Matrix Transpose

Switch the rows and columns of a matrix using this intuitive math calculator.

Mean Value Theorem

Verify if a function meets the criteria of the mean value theorem and find the point on an interval where its tangent is parallel to the secant between two endpoints of that interval.


Find the middle value in a set of numbers.


Quickly determine the midpoint between two points in a coordinate system.

Midpoint Rule for a Function

Approximate definite integrals using the midpoint rule with this free step-by-step math calculator.

Midpoint Rule for a Table

Given a table of values, approximate the area under the curve using midpoints.

Mixed Number to Improper Fraction

Convert mixed numbers into improper fractions seamlessly with this calculator.


Identify the most frequently occurring value(s) in a data set using this math calculator.

Modified Euler's Method

Find numerical solutions of differential equations using the modified Euler's method calculator.

Moore-Penrose Inverse (Pseudoinverse)

Compute the pseudoinverse of a matrix, which is essential in linear algebra applications.

Multiple (Double, Triple) Integral

Integrate multivariable functions in multiple dimensions with our math calculator.

Multiply Matrices

Perform matrix multiplication with ease.

Multiply Polynomials

Multiply polynomials and simplify the result using this intuitive calculator.

Normal Component of Acceleration

Find the normal component of acceleration for parametric curves, pivotal in physics and engineering.

Normal Distribution

Calculate probabilities and more using the normal distribution calculator.

Normal Line

Determine the equation of the normal line to a curve at a specific point using this tool.

Null Space (Kernel), Nullity

Compute the null space and its dimension for any matrix, which is very important in linear algebra.

Operations on Complex Numbers

Perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of complex numbers using our free math calculator.

Operations on Fractions

Add, subtract, multiply, or divide fractions effortlessly with this tool.

Operations on Functions

Add, subtract, or perform other operations on functions using this calculator.

Operations on Matrices

Perform various operations like addition or subtraction of matrices using our step-by-step math calculator.

Operations on Polynomials

Add, subtract, or multiply polynomials with this free tool.

Operations on Vectors

From dot product to cross product, perform diverse vector operations easily.

Order of Operations (PEMDAS)

Evaluate mathematical expressions respecting the PEMDAS/BODMAS order using this calculator for math.

Orthogonal Complement

Determine the orthogonal complement of a subspace with this math calculator.

Parabola Properties

Dive into the geometric and algebraic properties of parabolas with this specialized math calculator. Explore focus, directrix, vertex, and more.

Parallel/Perpendicular Line

Find equations for lines parallel or perpendicular to a given line through a particular point using this online calculator for math.

Partial Derivative

Calculate partial derivatives for functions of multiple variables with our free step-by-step math calculator.

Partial Fraction Decomposition

Decompose rational expressions into simpler fractional components with this calculator.

Pearson Correlation Coefficient

Determine the linear correlation between two data sets, measuring the strength and direction of a linear relationship.

Percent to Decimal

Easily convert percents into decimals with this straightforward math calculator.

Percent to Fraction

Convert percents into fractions with this online math calculator.


Determine the nth percentile of a data set using this calculator for math.

Percentile and Class Rank

Understand a student's academic standing relative to peers with this percentile and class rank calculator.

Poisson Distribution

Analyze the number of events in fixed intervals with our Poisson Distribution Calculator. This is useful for rare events.

Polar Form of a Complex Number

Convert complex numbers into polar forms using this math calculator.

Polar and Rectangular Coordinates

Convert between polar and rectangular coordinates seamlessly.

Polar and Rectangular Equations

Convert equations from polar to rectangular form and vice versa with ease.

Polynomial Long Division

Divide polynomials efficiently and accurately using this free step-by-step math calculator.

Polynomial Roots

Identify all the roots or zeros of a polynomial with this online math calculator.

Prime Factorization

Decompose numbers into the product of their prime factors using this calculator.

Pythagorean Theorem (Right Triangle)

Calculate the lengths of sides of a right triangle and its angles with this math calculator.

QR Factorization

Decompose matrices into the product of an orthogonal and an upper triangular matrix.

Quadratic Approximation

Approximate functions using a second-order polynomial.

Quadratic Regression (Parabola of Best Fit)

Generate the best-fit parabola for a set of data points with this online math calculator.

Radius and Interval of Convergence

Determine the interval where power series converge with this math calculator.

Range of a Data Set

Identify the difference between the maximum and minimum values in a data set using this tool.

Rational Zeros Theorem

Find potential rational zeros of a polynomial with this calculator.

Reduced Row Echelon Form (RREF)

Convert matrices into their reduced row echelon form using this free step-by-step math calculator.

Remainder Theorem

Evaluate the remainder when dividing a polynomial by a binomial.

Riemann Sum for a Function

Approximate the definite integral of a function using various Riemann sums.

Riemann Sum for a Table

Use Riemann sums to approximate the area under curves based on tabulated data.

Right Endpoint Approximation for a Function

Estimate the value of a definite integral using right endpoints.

Right Endpoint Approximation for a Table

Approximate area under the curve based on tabulated values using right endpoints.

Roots of a Complex Number, Unity

Compute the nth roots of complex numbers, which is vital in advanced math.

Rotate Point

Transform points by rotating them around an origin or another point in 2D space.

Row Space

Calculate the row space of a matrix, a core concept in linear algebra.

Sample and Population Coefficients of a Variation

Easily determine the relative variability of data sets with this math calculator.

Sample and Population Covariances

Analyze how two data sets vary together using this free step-by-step math calculator.

Sample and Population Standard Deviations

Measure the standard deviation of your data set with this online calculator for math.

Sample and Population Variances

Measure the variance of a data set using this free step-by-step math calculator

Scalar Projection

Calculate the scalar component of one vector in the direction of another with this tool.

Scientific Notation

Convert numbers to and from scientific notation quickly with this calculator for math.


Determine the secant of a given angle using this math calculator.

Secant Line

Calculate the slope and equation of a secant line passing through two distinct points on a curve.

Second Derivative

Find the second derivative to determine the concavity and points of inflection of a function.

Series and Sum

Sum the values of arithmetic, geometric, and other sequences with ease.

Simplex Method

Solve linear programming problems using this online math calculator.

Simplify Expression

Reduce algebraic expressions to their simplest form using this math calculator.

Simpson's 3/8 Rule for a Function/Table

Approximate definite integrals using Simpson's 3/8 rule, which is suitable for both functions and tabulated data.

Simpson's Rule for a Function/Table

Achieve accurate estimations of definite integrals using Simpson's rule for functions and tables.


Find the sine of a given angle with this calculator.

Singular Value Decomposition

Decompose matrices into the product of three matrices.

Slope Intercept Form with Two Points

Find the equation of a line using two provided points.

Solve Cubic Equation

Discover the roots of third-degree polynomial equations effortlessly.

Solve Differential Equations

Solve first and higher-order differential equations with this math calculator.

Solve Equations

Find the solutions of equations with ease using this free step-by-step math calculator.

Solve for $$$x$$$

Determine the value(s) of $$$x$$$ that make(s) a given equation true.

Solve Inequality or System of Inequalities

Solve a single inequality or a system of inequalities.

Solve Quadratic/Quartic Equation

Get the roots of second or fourth-degree polynomial equations.

Solve System of Equations

Obtain solutions to a system of linear or non-linear equations with multiple variables.

Solve Triangle

Calculate sides, angles, perimeter, and area of triangles using this online calculator for math.

Square Root

Find the square root of a number, including complex numbers.

Subtract Matrices/Vectors

Perform subtraction of matrices or vectors efficiently.

Synthetic Division

Divide a polynomial by a binomial using this simpler alternative to polynomial long division.


Calculate the tangent of a given angle.

Tangent Line

Use our online math calculator to find the equation of the tangent line to a curve at a specified point.

Tangent Plane

Determine the plane tangent to a surface at a particular point with this math calculator.

Tangential Component of Acceleration

Determine the tangential component of acceleration of an object moving along a curved path.

Taylor (Maclaurin) Series

Approximate functions using the Taylor or Maclaurin series with our free step-by-step math calculator.


Calculate the torsion of a curve using this math calculator.

Transition Matrix

Determine the transition matrix from one basis to another.

Trapezoidal Rule for a Function/Table

Find an estimate of a definite integral using the trapezoidal rule, designed for both functions and tabulated data.


Dive deep into the world of angles and trigonometric functions with our calculator.

Triple Product

Compute the scalar and vector triple products of three vectors using our math calculator.

Truth Table

Generate truth tables for logic expressions.

Unit Binormal Vector

Compute the binormal vector to a curve using this math calculator.

Unit Normal Vector

Find the unit normal vector to a surface or curve.

Unit Tangent Vector

Calculate the unit tangent vector to a surface at a specific point.

Unit Vector

Find the unit vector in the direction of a given vector with our calculator.

Upper Quartile

Determine the third quartile in a data set, marking the top 25% of the data.

Vector Magnitude

Find the length or magnitude of vectors easily.

Vector Projection

Compute the projection of one vector onto another using our math calculator.

Vector Scalar Multiplication

Multiply vectors by scalars effortlessly with this calculator.


Determine the linear independence of functions using the Wronskian.


Compute how many standard deviations a value is from the mean.

3D Graphing

Visualize functions in three dimensions with our advanced math calculator.

Fourth-Order Runge-Kutta Method

Numerically solve differential equations with this higher-order numerical method.

Five-Number Summary

Get a comprehensive summary about a data set.


How accurate are the results from the Math Calculator?

Our calculators are designed to provide accurate results based on standard mathematical principles. However, always double-check your work, especially for critical tasks.

Is there a limit to how many calculations I can make?

There's no specified limit; you can use our math calculators as often as you need.

Are there guides or tutorials available on how to use specific calculators?

Many of our calculators come with instructions or examples. If you're unsure, you can also explore our other resources on eMathHelp for further guidance.

Why does my solution have more than one answer?

Some math problems, especially those in higher-level math, can have multiple valid solutions. Our calculator provides all possible answers to ensure comprehensive results.

How often is the Math Calculator updated?

We regularly update our calculators for math to incorporate user feedback, address any bugs, and include the latest mathematical algorithms for accurate results.