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The calculator will find the curvature of the given explicit, parametric, or vector function at a specific point, with steps shown.

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Your input: find the curvature of $$$\mathbf{\vec{r}(t)}=\left(5 \sin{\left(t \right)}, 5 \cos{\left(t \right)}, 7\right)$$$

The formula for the curvature is $$$\kappa(t)=\frac{\lVert\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\times\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime\prime}(t)}\rVert}{\left(\lVert\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\rVert\right)^3}$$$

Find the first and second derivatives.

The first derivative is $$$\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}=\left(5 \cos{\left(t \right)}, - 5 \sin{\left(t \right)}, 0\right)$$$

The second derivative is $$$\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime\prime}(t)}=\left(- 5 \sin{\left(t \right)}, - 5 \cos{\left(t \right)}, 0\right)$$$

Note. For steps in finding derivatives, see derivative calculator.

Now, find the norm (length) of $$$\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}$$$: $$$\lVert\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\rVert=\sqrt{\left(5 \cos{\left(t \right)}\right)^2+\left(- 5 \sin{\left(t \right)}\right)^2+\left(0\right)^2}=5$$$

Thus, $$${\left(\lVert\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\rVert\right)}^3=125$$$

Next, find the cross product of the first and second derivatives: $$$\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\times\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime\prime}(t)}=\left(0,0,-25\right)$$$ (steps can be seen here).

Now, find the norm (length) of $$$\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\times\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime\prime}(t)}$$$: $$$\lVert\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime}(t)}\times\mathbf{\vec{r}^{\prime\prime}(t)}\rVert=\sqrt{\left(0\right)^2+\left(0\right)^2+\left(-25\right)^2}=25$$$

Finally, the curvature is $$$\kappa(t)=\frac{1}{5}$$$

Answer: $$$\kappa(t)=\frac{1}{5}$$$