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for high school and college students, teachers, parents, and people who want to refresh their knowledge in math. This is a perfect study site to get help to do your homework, prepare for a test, or just refresh your memory, etc.

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Math Notes

Subject areas from Pre-Algebra to Calculus 2. More than 2000 notes with clear explanations, and a lot of step-by-step examples. You can find topics ranging from adding whole numbers to factoring polynomials, from the limit of a function to optimization problems, from the definition of integral to finding the volume of solids of revolution.


Browse through the list of calculators (including online graphing calculator, derivative calculator, integral calculator) in various subject areas to check your answer or see a step-by-step answer.

Math Games

Play math games. Develop your logical thinking and observation skills. Solve math puzzles to find clues even in the most difficult situations.