Inequality Calculator

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This calculator will try to solve the linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, and absolute value inequalities. It can handle compound inequalities and systems of inequalities as well.

To graph inequalities, use the graphing calculator.

Enter inequalities:
Enter compound inequalities as 4<2x+5<=7, separate inequalities by commas.
For absolute values, use abs: 2<=abs(3x-4)<5 will be treated as `2<=|3x-4|<5`.

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Your input: solve $$$2 \lt \left|{x - 1}\right| \leq 4$$$


Answer: $$$\left[-3, -1\right) \cup \left(3, 5\right]$$$

Approximate Form: $$$\left[-3, -1\right) \cup \left(3, 5\right]$$$