Multiple (Double, Triple) Integral Calculator

Calculate double and triple integrals

The calculator will try to calculate the multiple integral (double, triple).

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In the format var1,lowerbound1,upperbound1;var2,lowerbound2,upperbound2;var3,lowerbound3,upperbound3, etc. For example, to get `int_(1)^(2) int_(1-x)^(x^2) f(x,y) dy dx`, type y,1-x,x^2;x,1,2.
Use inf for `oo`

Please write without any differentials such as `dx`, `dy` etc.

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Your input: calculate $$$\int_{2}^{5}{\int_{1}^{x}{x y^{2} dy} dx}$$$.


$$$\int_{2}^{5}{\int_{1}^{x}{x y^{2} dy} dx}=\frac{2027}{10}\approx 202.7$$$