Vector Scalar Multiplication Calculator

The calculator will multiply the given vector by the given scalar, with steps shown. It handles vectors of any size.

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Your Input

Calculate $$$2\cdot \left(3, -4, 5\right)$$$.


Multiply each coordinate of the vector by the scalar:

$$$\color{Magenta}{\left(2\right)}\cdot \left(3, -4, 5\right) = \left(\color{Magenta}{\left(2\right)}\cdot \left(3\right), \color{Magenta}{\left(2\right)}\cdot \left(-4\right), \color{Magenta}{\left(2\right)}\cdot \left(5\right)\right) = \left(6, -8, 10\right)$$$


$$$2\cdot \left(3, -4, 5\right) = \left(6, -8, 10\right)$$$A