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The calculator will find the adjoint (adjugate, adjunct) matrix of the given square matrix, with steps shown.

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What Is an Adjoint Matrix?

An adjoint matrix, often referred to as an adjugate matrix, is the transpose of a given square matrix's cofactor matrix. To clarify, to obtain the adjoint or adjugate of a matrix, you need to replace each matrix element with its respective cofactor and then transpose the resulting matrix.

In formulaic terms, if $$$A=\left[a_{ij}\right]$$$ is an $$$n\times n$$$ matrix, the cofactor $$$C_{ij}$$$ of $$$a_{ij}$$$ is calculated as $$$(-1)^{i+j}$$$ times the determinant of the $$$(n-1)\times(n-1)$$$ matrix left after removing the $$$i$$$-th row and $$$j$$$-th column from $$$A$$$. The adjoint of $$$A$$$ is then the transpose of the cofactor matrix $$$C=\left[C_{ij}\right]$$$, which can be written as $$$\operatorname{adj}(A)=C^T$$$.

Adjoint matrices are particularly significant in computing the inverse of a matrix, as well as in other areas of linear algebra.

Let's explore an example using a 2x2 matrix $$$A$$$:


The process to find the adjoint of $$$A$$$ involves the following steps:

  1. Find the matrix of cofactors: For a 2x2 matrix, the matrix of cofactors is obtained by swapping the elements on the main diagonal (top-left to bottom-right), swapping the elements on the secondary diagonal and changing the sign of the elements on this diagonal. This gives us:

  2. Transpose the matrix of cofactors: Transposing the matrix of cofactors gives us the adjoint of $$$A$$$. The transpose of a matrix is obtained by interchanging its rows and columns. This results in:


So the adjoint of the matrix $$$A$$$ is $$$\left[\begin{array}{cc}5&-3\\-4&2\end{array}\right]$$$.

Are the Adjoint and Transpose the Same?

No, the adjoint and transpose of a matrix are not the same. They are distinct concepts in linear algebra, but they are related in the case of the adjoint matrix.

  1. Transpose of a Matrix: The transpose of a matrix is obtained by interchanging its rows and columns. If the original matrix is denoted as $$$A$$$, its transpose is usually denoted as $$$A^T$$$ or $$$A'$$$.
  2. Adjoint of a Matrix: The adjoint (or adjugate) of a matrix is the transpose of the cofactor matrix of the original matrix. If the original matrix is denoted as $$$A$$$, its adjoint is usually denoted as $$$\operatorname{adj}(A)$$$.

So while both operations involve some form of swapping rows and columns, the adjoint operation additionally involves replacing each element with its cofactor before the transposition.

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Does the calculator provide explanations along with the results?

Yes, our Adjoint Matrix Calculator not only provides the adjoint matrix but also offers a step-by-step explanation of the calculation process. This allows you to understand each calculation and enhance your knowledge of linear algebra.

How do I calculate the adjugate of a product of matrices?

To find the adjugate of the product of two matrices $$$A$$$ and $$$B$$$, you can calculate the adjugate of each matrix individually and then multiply them in reverse order. In mathematical terms, $$$\operatorname{adj}(AB)=\operatorname{adj}(B)\operatorname{adj}(A)$$$.

How do I calculate the adjugate of a matrix power?

When calculating the adjugate of a matrix raised to a power, first find the adjugate of the original matrix and then raise it to the desired power.

Can I calculate the adjoint of any matrix?

No, the adjoint matrix can be found only for square matrices. Whether it's a 2x2, 3x3, or larger matrix, the calculator will compute the adjoint matrix accurately.