Mixed Numbers/Fractions

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Mixed number (or mixed fraction) is a number that consists of integer and proper fraction.

In other words mixed numbers are "mix" of integer and proper fraction.

We write it in the following way: `4 1/5`. Here, 4 is integer and `1/5` is proper fraction.

Other examples of mixed numbers are `15 7/9`, `45 15/16` etc.

Note, that, for example, `14 8/7` is not correct mixed number, because `8/7` is not proper fraction.

improper fractionsAnother example of mixed numbers is following.

Suppose you have two rectangles. You divide each of them into 7 parts. You paint all 7 parts of first rectangle, i.e. you paint all rectangle and 4 parts of second rectangle.

In this case you paint `1 4/7`.

In fact, mixed number is sum of integer and proper fraction: `1+4/7`. We will see later how to perform such addition, but for now remember that `1 4/7` is equivalent to `1+4/7`.