Improper Fractions

Improper Fraction is a fraction in which numerator is greater or equal than denominator. In other words improper fractions are fractions that are not proper.

Examples of improper fractions are $$$\frac{{5}}{{5}}$$$, $$$\frac{{8}}{{7}}$$$, $$$\frac{{125}}{{3}}$$$.

Fractions that are not improper are $$$\frac{{1}}{{5}}$$$, $$$\frac{{7}}{{19}}$$$, $$$\frac{{127}}{{128}}$$$.

improper fractionsAnother example of improper fraction is following.

Suppose you have two rectangles. You divide each of them into 7 parts. You paint all 7 parts of first rectangle and 4 parts of second rectangle.

In this case you paint 7+4=11 out of 7 parts: $$$\frac{{11}}{{7}}$$$.

If we paint 14 parts instead of 7 then we would obtain $$$\frac{{14}}{{7}}={2}$$$ rectangles.

Since in improper fraction numerator is greater or equal than denominator then improper fraction is greater or equal than one.