Mixed Numbers on a Number Line

So, where are mixed numbers located on a number line?

For example, where is $$${2}\frac{{4}}{{5}}$$$ located? We see that this number consists of integer 2 and proper fraction $$$\frac{{4}}{{5}}$$$.

This means that it is greater than 2 (because there is 2 and proper fraction), but it is less than 2+1=3 because proper fraction is less than 1.

This means that $$${2}\frac{{4}}{{5}}$$$ is between 2 and 3.

Let's see how this works with negative numbers.

For example, consider $$$-{4}\frac{{1}}{{7}}$$$.

It is less than -4 because there is -4 and proper fraction (which is also negative because minus is in front of mixed number), but it is greater than -4-1=-5, because, since positive proper fraction is less than 1 then negative proper fraction is greater than -1.

mixed numbers on a number line