Ellipse Calculator

This calculator will find either the equation of the ellipse (standard form) from the given parameters or the center, vertices, co-vertices, foci, area, circumference (perimeter), focal parameter, eccentricity, linear eccentricity, latus rectum, length of the latus rectum, directrices, (semi)major axis length, (semi)minor axis length, x-intercepts, y-intercepts, domain, and range of the entered ellipse.

To graph an ellipse, visit the ellipse graphing calculator (choose the "Implicit" option).

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In any form you want: `x^2+4y^2=1`, `x^2/9+y^2/16=1`, etc.
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Enter the first directrix:
Like `x=3` or `y=-5/2` or `y=2x+4`.
Enter the second directrix:
Like `x=1/2` or `y=5` or `2y-3x+5=0`.
Enter the first point on the ellipse:
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For circle, see circle calculator.

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Equation of the ellipse: $$$x^{2} + 4 y^{2}=4$$$ or $$$x^{2} + 4 y^{2} - 4=0$$$.

Graph: to graph the ellipse, visit the ellipse graphing calculator (choose the "Implicit" option).

Standard form: $$$\frac{x^{2}}{4} + y^{2}=1$$$.

Center: $$$\left(0,0\right)$$$.

Vertices: $$$\left(-2,0\right)$$$, $$$\left(2,0\right)$$$.

Co-vertices: $$$\left(0,-1\right)$$$, $$$\left(0,1\right)$$$.

Foci: $$$\left(- \sqrt{3},0\right)\approx \left(-1.73205080756888,0\right)$$$, $$$\left(\sqrt{3},0\right)\approx \left(1.73205080756888,0\right)$$$.

Focal Parameter: $$$\frac{\sqrt{3}}{3}\approx 0.577350269189626$$$.

Circumference: $$$8 E\left(\frac{3}{4}\right)\approx 9.68844822054768$$$.

Area: $$$2 \pi\approx 6.28318530717959$$$.

Eccentricity: $$$\frac{\sqrt{3}}{2}\approx 0.866025403784439$$$.

Linear eccentricity: $$$\sqrt{3}\approx 1.73205080756888$$$.

Major axis length: $$$4$$$.

Semimajor axis length: $$$2$$$.

Minor axis length: $$$2$$$.

Semiminor axis length: $$$1$$$.

First directrix: $$$x=- \frac{4 \sqrt{3}}{3}\approx -2.3094010767585$$$.

Second directrix: $$$x=\frac{4 \sqrt{3}}{3}\approx 2.3094010767585$$$.

First latus rectum: $$$x=- \sqrt{3}\approx -1.73205080756888$$$.

Second latus rectum: $$$x=\sqrt{3}\approx 1.73205080756888$$$.

The length of the latera recta: $$$1$$$.

x-intercepts: $$$\left(-2, 0\right),\left(2, 0\right)$$$.

y-intercepts: $$$\left(0, -1\right),\left(0, 1\right)$$$.

Domain: $$$\left[-2, 2\right]$$$.

Range: $$$\left[-1, 1\right]$$$.