免费的在线 2D 图形计算器(绘图仪)或曲线计算器,可以绘制分段、线性、二次、三次、四次、多项式、三角、双曲、指数、对数、以不同形式给出的反函数:显式、隐式、极坐标、和参数。它还可以绘制圆锥曲线、任意不等式或不等式系统、斜率场(矢量场或方向场),并可视化黎曼和。可以根据需要对图进行样式设置和定制。

要绘制 3d 图形,请使用3d grapher

To draw a parabola, circle, ellipse or hyperbola, choose the "Implicit" option.

You can pass a function as a parameter: will draw y=sin(x) and y=cos(x).

Pan the graph (move it) by holding the Shift key and dragging the graph with the mouse.

Zoom the graph in and out by holding the Shift key and using the mouse wheel.

The above operations can be very slow for more than 2 graphs. To avoid it, delete all graphs, pan and zoom, and then plot the graphs again.

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