Converting Mixed Numbers to Improper Fractions

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Let's see how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions.

Actually, we convert them almost in the same way as we add fractions with unlike denominators.

Recall that every integer `m` can be expressed as fraction `m/1`.

Mixed number, as known, is a sum of integer and fraction, so mixed number `m n/q` is `m+n/q=m/1+n/q`.

Now, we perform addition of fractions with unlike denominators: `m/1+n/q=(mq)/q+n/q=(mq+n)/q`.

To convert mixed number into improper fraction following formula is used: `color(green)(m n/q=(mq+n)/q)`.

Example 1. Convert `5 3/7` to improper fraction.

Let's first do converting step-by-step:

`5 3/7=5+3/7=5/1+3/7=(5*color(red)(7))/(1*color(red)(7))+3/7=35/7+3/7=38/7`.

Answer: `38/7`.

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Example 2. Convert `9 2/5` to improper fraction.

Now, we use direct formula:

`9 2/5=(9*5+2)/5=47/5`.

Answer: `47/5`.

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Example 3. Convert `-2 8/11` to improper fraction.

In case of negative mixed number way of converting isn't changed.

First we just ignore minus sign: `2 8/11=(2*11+8)/11=30/11`.

Now, add ignored minus sign: `-30/11`.

Answer: `-30/11`.

Now, it is time to practice.

Exercise 1. Convert `1 7/8` to improper fraction.

Answer: `15/8`.

Next exercise.

Exercise 2. Convert `9 2/3` to improper fraction.

Answer: `29/3`.

Next exercise.

Exercise 3. Convert `-5 7/9` to improper fraction.

Answer: `-52/9`.