Calculadora de inclinação

Encontre a inclinação de uma linha passo a passo

A calculadora encontrará a inclinação da linha que passa pelos dois pontos dados ou a inclinação da linha dada, com as etapas mostradas.

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y=-x-5 or 2x-7y=3.

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Your input: find the slope given two points $$$P=\left(2, 3\right)$$$ and $$$Q=\left(5, 9\right)$$$.

The slope of a line passing through the two points `P=(x_1, y_1)` and `Q=(x_2, y_2)` is given by `m=(y_2-y_1)/(x_2-x_1)`.

We have that $$$x_1=2$$$, $$$y_1=3$$$, $$$x_2=5$$$, $$$y_2=9$$$.

Plug the given values into the formula for slope: $$$m=\frac{\left(9\right)-\left(3\right)}{\left(5\right)-\left(2\right)}=\frac{6}{3}=2$$$.

Answer: the slope of the line is $$$m=2$$$.