Category: Percents

What is Percent

So, what is percent?

For "percent" we use a symbol "%".

"Percent" means "per hundred".

In other words $$${1}\%$$$ can be written as fraction $$$\frac{{1}}{{100}}$$$ or decimal $$${0.01}$$$.

So, if you have a cake and you divide it into 100 pieces. Then 1% of the cake is 1 piece.

Converting Decimals to Percents

We already know that "percent" means per hundred.

Using this we can easily convert a decimal to a percent.

Example 1. Convert 0.34 to percents.

Recall that $$${p}\%=\frac{{p}}{{100}}$$$.

So, what we want is to convert decimal into fraction, whose denominator equals 100.

Converting Percents to Decimals

We already know that "percent" means per hundred.

This will help us to convert a percent to a decimal.

Example 1. Convert 35% to decimal.

Recall that percent is one hundredth.

So, 35% is 35 hundredth which is $$$\frac{{35}}{{100}}={0.35}$$$.