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Irrational Numbers on a Number Line

Since each irrational number can be represented as infinite decimal, then we can proceed in the same way, as we did when placed decimals on a number line.

`pi~~3.14`, so it is slightly to the right of 3.

Since `4<5<9`, then `sqrt(4)<sqrt(5)<sqrt(9)` or `2<sqrt(5)<3`. So, `sqrt(5)` is somewhere between 2 and 3 (close to 2, because `sqrt(5)~~2.236`).

Similarly, since `-64<-50<-27`, then `root(3)(-64)<root(3)(-50)<root(3)(-27)` or `-4<sqrt(-50)<-3`. So, `root(3)(-50)` is somewhere between -4 and -3 (closer to -4, because `root(3)(-50)~~-3.684`).

irrational numbers on number line