Even Numbers (Integers)

A number (integer) is even if it is divisible by 2.

Example 1. Determine whether 10 is an even number.

10 is even because $$$\frac{{10}}{{2}}=5$$$ and 5 is an integer number.

Another example.

Example 2. Determine whether 15 is even.

15 is odd, because $$${15}={2}\cdot{7}+{1}$$$ and remainder is not 0.

Now, do a couple of exercises.

Exercise 1. Determine whether 35 is an even number.

35 is not divisible by 2, because $$${35}={2}\cdot{17}+{1}$$$ and remainder is not 0.

So, it is not an even number.

Another exercise.

Exercise 2. Determine whether 100 is even.

100 is even because $$$\frac{{100}}{{2}}={50}$$$ and 50 is an integer number.