Associative Property of Multiplication

Associative property of multiplication:

`huge color(purple)(a times (b times c)=(a times b) times c)`

As with commutative property order is not important.

Indeed, you can make sure on a couple of examples, that it is correct.


From one side, we have that `3*(4*5)=3*20=60`.

From another side, we have that `(3*4)*5=12*5=60`.

Warning. This doesn't work with division.

However, associative property of multiplication works for negative numbers (in fact, for real numbers) as well.

Example 2. `5 times (3 times (-4))=(5 times 3) times (-4)=-60`.

Example 3. `(-5.89) times (2.51 times (-3.4))=((-5.89) times 2.51)times(-3.4)=50.26526`.

Example 4. `(5/8 times 3) times 1/2 =5/8 times (3 times 1/2)=15/16`.