What is Algebraic Expression

Algebraic expression is a bunch of numbers (constants), operations and variables.

Unlike number expressions, algebraic expressions can contain variables.

Following is example of algebraic expression:

`huge color(green)(x)color(blue)(times)color(red)(2)color(blue)(+)color(red)(3)color(blue)(-)color(green)(x)color(blue)(times)color(green)(y)color(blue)(+)color(green)(x)^color(red)(2)color(blue)(+)(color(red)(5)color(blue)(-)color(green)(x))^(color(green)(y))`

Constants are red, variables are green, operations are blue.

Sometimes, we can discard multiplication and write `xy` instead of `x times y`. This is possible to do, if you really sure that others will not have to guess, what you wrote.

For example, you can write `2x` instead of `2*x`.

However, you can't write `123` instead of `12 times 3`, because you mean `12times3=36`, but others see `123`.