Inverse of $$$y = \frac{x}{9} + 2$$$

The calculator will try to find the inverse of the function $$$y = \frac{x}{9} + 2$$$, with steps shown.

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Your Input

Find the inverse of the function $$$y = \frac{x}{9} + 2$$$.


To find the inverse function, swap $$$x$$$ and $$$y$$$., and solve the resulting equation for $$$y$$$.

This means that the inverse is the reflection of the function over the line $$$y = x$$$.

If the initial function is not one-to-one, then there will be more than one inverse.

So, swap the variables: $$$y = \frac{x}{9} + 2$$$ becomes $$$x = \frac{y}{9} + 2$$$.

Now, solve the equation $$$x = \frac{y}{9} + 2$$$ for $$$y$$$.

$$$y = 9 x - 18$$$


$$$y = 9 x - 18$$$A

Graph: see the graphing calculator.