Questions in Section Calculus II

Find `sum_(n=1)^N 40n/(4n^2-1)^2`

Point masses of mass m1, m2, and m3are placed at the points (-2, 0), (9, 0), and (0,4). Suppose that m1 = 18.

Find m2 such that the center of mass lies on the y-axis.

Use trapezoidal rule to approximate the are of `sin(x^2)` from `0` to `2` using `n=10`.

Calculate `int sqrt(1-tan^2(2x)+tan^4(2x)-tan^6(2x)+...) dx`.

What is the least number of subdivisions that will guarantee, with the standard error bounds, that the result is accurate up to 4 decimal places? Consider using the midpoint method to estimate the integral `int_0^0.5e^(-x^2)dx`.

Find the volume of solid obtained by revolving around the y-axis the plane area between the graph `y=1-x^2` and the x-axis.

Find the following integral: `int(x^2)/(1+x^6)dx` using substitution `u=x^(3)`.

Use Simpson's Rule to approximate `int_0^e e^(-x^2)dx` with `n=8`.

Use the Trapezoid Rule to approximate `int_0^1(dx)/sqrt(x^6+1)` with `n=6`.

Use a table of integrals to evaluate `int(dx)/(xln(x)sqrt(4+(ln(x))^2))`.

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