Questions in Section Algebra I

Find the equation of the line that passes through point `(-3,5)` and is perpendicular to the line `4x+3y=6`.

Simplify `3sqrt(10)+4sqrt(40)-5sqrt(40)`.

Given the equation `y=x^2-6x+8`. For what value of `x` is `y = -10`?

Write out the partial fraction decomposition, but do not solve for the unknown constants: `3/(x^2(x-1)(x^2+1))`.

Suppose that a given road has a maximum load of 20 tons per axle on a given vehicle. Suppose a truck has 16 wheels, with four wheels per axle, and weighs 14 tons. What is the maximum weight in kilograms that this truck can carry on a given road?

Given the linear equation `y=-3/2x+1`.Find the y-coordinates of the points (-4, ), (-2, ) and (6, ).