Move balls to make all except two white. See below in comments the proof why it is not possible to make all balls except one white.

Show Rules
  • Select one position, then another. If the two balls selected have no colors in common, then a ball with the colors combined will be placed in the second position selected, and a ball with the second color will appear in the first position. For example, if you move red to green, then on the second place there will be red/green and on the first place - green. So, the order of moving matters.
  • A white ball appears when a two-colored ball is merged with a ball of the remaining color (e.g., a red/green ball merged with a blue ball).
  • Merging with a white ball does not change the color, and on the place of white the second color will appear. For example, white and green will give green and green.

If the move is unacceptable, you will see red flickering.

Please write all suggestions in comments below. Help us to make the game more interesting, easier, or even harder!