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Math Problem Solver

This free calculator will try to solve any math problem: algebra (equation solver, system of equations solver, least common multiple, greatest common divisor, synthetic division, polynomial long division, partial fraction decomposition, polynomial calculator, factoring calculator), calculus (derivative, integral, Taylor series, tangent line, graphing calculator, implicit differentiation, Riemann sum), differential equations (direct and inverse Laplace transforms), and much more, with steps shown (if possible).

Algebra Calculators

A collection of calculators to solve virtually any algebra problem step by step. Solve equations (quadratic, polynomial, trigonometric, etc.), factor polynomials, perform synthetic division and partial fraction decomposition, discover conic sections, and many more.

Calculus Calculators

A collection of calculators to solve virtually any calculus problem step by step. Find derivatives, limits, integrals, asymptotes, Taylor series, plot graphs, and many more.

Four-Function (Ten-Key) Calculator

This online calculator is basic and can perform only 4 operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It has approximately 10 keys.