System of Linear Equations Calculator

Solve the system of linear equations step by step

This calculator will solve the system of linear equations of any kind, with steps shown, using either the Gauss-Jordan elimination method, the inverse matrix method, or Cramer's rule.

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Your Input

Solve $$$\begin{cases} 5 x - 2 y = 1 \\ x + 3 y = 7 \end{cases}$$$ for $$$x$$$, $$$y$$$ using the Gauss-Jordan Elimination method.


Write down the augmented matrix: $$$\left[\begin{array}{cc|c}5 & -2 & 1\\1 & 3 & 7\end{array}\right]$$$.

Perform the Gauss-Jordan elimination (for steps, see Gauss-Jordan elimination calculator): $$$\left[\begin{array}{cc|c}5 & -2 & 1\\0 & \frac{17}{5} & \frac{34}{5}\end{array}\right]$$$.


$$$y = \frac{\frac{34}{5}}{\frac{17}{5}} = 2$$$

$$$x = \frac{1 - \left(-2\right) \left(2\right)}{5} = 1$$$


$$$x = 1$$$A

$$$y = 2$$$A