Exponential Distribution Calculator

The calculator will find the simple and cumulative probabilities, as well as the mean, variance, and standard deviation of the exponential distribution.

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Your Input

Calculate the various values for the exponential distribution with $$$\lambda = 0.8 = \frac{4}{5}$$$ and $$$x = 2.7$$$.


Mean: $$$\mu = \frac{1}{\lambda} = \frac{5}{4} = 1.25$$$A.

Variance: $$$\sigma^{2} = \frac{1}{\lambda^{2}} = \frac{25}{16} = 1.5625$$$A.

Standard deviation: $$$\sigma = \sqrt{\frac{1}{\lambda^{2}}} = \frac{5}{4} = 1.25$$$A.

$$$P{\left(X = 2.7 \right)} = 0$$$A

$$$P{\left(X \lt 2.7 \right)}\approx 0.884674878961938$$$A

$$$P{\left(X \leq 2.7 \right)}\approx 0.884674878961938$$$A

$$$P{\left(X \gt 2.7 \right)}\approx 0.115325121038062$$$A

$$$P{\left(X \geq 2.7 \right)}\approx 0.115325121038062$$$A