Pythagorean Theorem (Right Triangle) Calculator

The calculator will try to find all sides of the right-angled triangle using the Pythagorean Theorem. It will also find all angles, as well as perimeter and area.

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Your Input

Solve the triangle, if $$$a = 6$$$, $$$b = 8$$$, $$$C = 90^0$$$.


$$$a = 6$$$A

$$$b = 8$$$A

$$$c = 10$$$A

$$$A = \left(\frac{- \pi \left(\frac{180 \operatorname{acos}{\left(\frac{3}{5} \right)}}{\pi} + 90\right) + 180 \pi}{\pi}\right)^0\approx 36.869897645844^0$$$A

$$$B = \left(\frac{180 \operatorname{acos}{\left(\frac{3}{5} \right)}}{\pi}\right)^0\approx 53.130102354156^0$$$A

$$$C = 90^0$$$A

Perimeter $$$P = 24$$$A.

Area $$$S = 24$$$A.