Function Calculator

Calculate the properties of a function step by step

The calculator will try to find the domain, range, x-intercepts, y-intercepts, derivative, integral, asymptotes, intervals of increase and decrease, critical (stationary) points, extrema (minimum and maximum, local, relative, absolute, and global) points, intervals of concavity, inflection points, limit, Taylor polynomial, and graph of the single-variable function. The interval can be specified. Parity will also be determined.

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Required only for trigonometric functions. For example, `[0, 2pi]` or `(-pi, oo)`. If you need `oo`, type inf.

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Your input: find the properties of $$$f=x^{3} - 3 x^{2}$$$


The function is neither even nor odd.


$$$\left(-\infty, \infty\right)$$$







$$$\left(-\infty, \infty\right)$$$

Critical Points

$$$\left(x, f \left(x \right)\right)=\left(0,0\right)$$$

$$$\left(x, f \left(x \right)\right)=\left(2,-4\right)$$$

Intervals of Increase

$$$\left(-\infty, 0\right) \cup \left(2, \infty\right)$$$

Intervals of Decrease

$$$\left(0, 2\right)$$$

Local Minima

$$$\left(x, f \left(x \right)\right)=\left(2,-4\right)$$$

Local Maxima

$$$\left(x, f \left(x \right)\right)=\left(0,0\right)$$$

Global (Absolute) Minima and Maxima

For global minima and maxima, see extrema calculator.

Inflection Points

$$$\left(x, f \left(x \right)\right)=\left(1,-2\right)$$$

Concave upward on

$$$\left(1, \infty\right)$$$

Concave downward on

$$$\left(-\infty, 1\right)$$$


For derivative, see derivative calculator.


For integral, see integral calculator.


For asymptotes, see asymptote calculator.


For limit, see limit calculator.

Taylor Polynomial

For Taylor polynomial, see taylor polynomial calculator.


For graph, see graphing calculator.