Calculus III Calculators

Partial Derivative Calculator

This online calculator will calulate partial derivative of function with steps shown. You can specify any order of integration.

Multiple (Double, Triple) Integral Calculator

Calculator will calculate multiple integral (double, triple).

Divergence Calculator

Calculator will find divergence of a given vector field with steps shown.

Unit Tangent Vector Calculator

Calculator will find unit tangent vector of vector-valued function at a given point with steps shown.

Curvature Calculator

Calculator will find curvature of explicit, parametric or vector function at specific point with steps shown.

Gradient of Function Calculator

Calculator will find gradient of a given function (at a given point if needed) with steps shown.

Directional Derivative Calculator

Calculator will find directional derivative (with steps shown) of a given function at a point in the direction of a given vector.

3D Function Grapher

Free online 3D graphing calculator linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic, polynomial, trigonometric, hyperbolic, exponential, logarithmic.Plots can be styled and customized according to needs.

To plot 2d graph use 2d grapher.